Friday, May 4, 2012

Old ELA Greek Mythology Assignments - taken from the Homework Page

Past Reading Greek Mythology Assignments...
*Read about Jason and the Golden Fleece, complete myth fill in the blank.
* Create a plot pyramid for Jason. To get the key terminology see the links for plot elements on the home page of the blog, under Jason and Bellerophon. due: Monday
* On Tuesday, we will read about Hercules and complete questions related to the myth. This assignment will be given in class. Then we will compare the myth to the Disney version (lesson posted on blog Home page).
*This week we will also start writing our own myths, a writing resource package was given to the students in class on Monday, March 19th. Students can also check out the home page of this blog to find other links that will assist them in writing their myth.
- Test on Gods/Goddesses of Greek Mythology  was Fri. March 16th
Read the Greek Hero myths and complete the questions for each myth.
"Perseus" and "Bellerophon" for Bellerophon create the Graphic organizer maps (x4)
- Pandora's Box Questions (overdue)
 - "Defying the Gods" Questions (overdue)
-  Pandora's Box and Paragraph (overdue)Students presented to the class informally - Marks with a rubric handed out.
-"The underworld questions" and Underworld map...
- Prometheus questions posted on was due: Monday Feb. 6th, Prometheus poem questions were due: Tuesday, Feb 7th.
-The Creation of the Universe According to the Ancient Greeks
- Zeus Business letters - with symbols and typed. was due: Friday Feb 10, - put up on Bulletin board.

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