Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Greek Myths - Toga Day

TOGA DAY and Greek Potluck - FRIDAY, MAY 11TH
Try your culinary skills and prepare a Greek food item, or take something you know how to prepare well, and add a "Greek Twist"... Ie: Philipino spring rolls are kind of like the Greek Domadas (rice wrapped in grape leafs).... It's all in how you explain it...
If you plan on making a "bigger item", consider making it (and sharing the cost of the ingredients) with a friend.

On toga day, if you are unsure what to wear... just bring a bed sheet (plain is best... or whatever you have), use a flat sheet and I will help you create a toga. If you want to get into the spirit, research greek toga outfits...

On Toga Day, we will celebrate the end of our Greek Mythology unit and unveil our Mythological Trading Cards and share our Greek Myths.... We may even have a "Socratic Lesson" outside, weather pemitting!

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