Monday, January 16, 2012

Current Events Cartoon Assignment on Kidblog!

Choose two cartoons (copy paste link into the URL window) and analyze the message… and or explain the connection to this current event. Post your reactions to the questions, on

Note that the questions to each cartoon are located below each cartoon link… OR…

Even better… Find your own cartoon for an event of 2011, post it with your own questions, with of course, your own answers too!

A. Euro crisis

Check out the link to the editorial cartoon… What is the event related to it? What’s the author’s message? Post your reaction to this post.

B. Gadhafi

Who is the person in the cartoon? What does the image mean? Why is he holding a turkey?? What’s the political signifance?

C. Election and the polls

Who are these men in the rain? Why is one singing and looking happy? Who is this person… (Hint takes place in Canada…)

D. Vancouver Riots

Who are the barbaric men on horses? How is the Canuck’s “fan” video a training video? For who?? Why is this funny? What happened in Vancouver when the Canucks went to the Stanley Cup playoffs?

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