Friday, November 18, 2011

ELA Old Assignments

Just an FYI of homework that was on the homework page... this is just here for reference...
Past Assignments: (all handed in already)

Lucille Teasedale - Viewing Assignment

Anne Frank - virtual museum tour and Reflection of tour 1-2 pages typed (see blog - Anne Frank). There are 4 questions to answer in Reflection. Web and outline: Wednesday, Oct. 19th, good copy Friday, October 21st. (hand in your web, rough draft and revisions with final copy).

"Resisting Hitler" - Letter from Helmuth to his brother - Web, outline and part of 1st draft of letter OVERDUE.

"Resisting Hitler" - Before, During and After Reading Questions OVERDUE

"Universal Soldier" - complete side 1 and 2 of the handout package given in class for both songs/poems studied in class OVERDUE

"The Nest" short story all questions (except narrative writing) OVERDUE

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