Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Architecture... Project Groups

Architecture Goes to School - Marathon Session!
We're Ready to "Rock" the Project Site!!!!
In today's session after much deliberation with the Focus Discussion Groups, we decided what facilities we were going to include on our project site and approximately where they would be located. I continue to be impressed by the students' engagement and serious attitude towards meeting the needs of everyone in a community - from children to the elderly, to those of different faiths and economic backgrounds.

Students had the opportunity to collaborate and discuss community needs, then present and persuade and justify WHY this facility was needed. In engaging in this project, students are thinking about what makes a community a place where you want to be. How do you celebrate "culture" in a neighbourhood, and how do you engage everyone to want to be part of the community? They also explore the many ways a facility can be used for different people and how outside spaces can be used at different times of the year. One other issue that continues to come up - and that is sustainability. We think about how materials can be reused? How can there be sustainable options included (ie: rooftop gardens) in the site? How can we meet the needs of those in the surrounding areas? So many questions... so many things to consider as we plan...

A big thank you to our mentor architects, Roger and Chang for lending their talent and expertise in this project. And of course a big thank you to the students for lending their enthusiasm as they engage in the lessons.

Today's Lesson Tasks... What we were doing summarized...

1. In Focus Discussion Groups (3 Large Groups of 10-11) - Discuss "babies" and place on site map. *"Babies" means facilities, spaces or buildings that we absolutely love!

2. Explore where things go with sticky notes and the scale drawing - Explore the Layout... Arrange, rearrange and discuss needs and location. Be aware of surrounding community.

3. Focus Discussion Groups - Present site map layout and report to class. Class will ask questions. Each group must be prepared to justify, persuade and explain WHY.

4. Break - Teacher and Architect Mentors, narrow down ideas from Focus Group Presentations into smaller PROJECT GROUPS, based on what was presented and student input.

5. Project groups (smaller groups of 5 or 6 students) -  Choose Project Area they want to focus on for project.

The following are the project groups. These groups were chosen to give students in grade 7 - 8 an opportunity to work with students of the other gender and grade level. With each group, there are people who have skills with software, design, writing or presentation.

Putting Our Ideas All Together... What ideas do we all share from the Focus Groups??
Project Groups Areas of Development...

These groups were created by function. Each group will focus on the following then layout the facilities on the class site map.

1.Outdoor Facilities (not just green space as "enhancement"), Water Park - Indoor Sports - Recreation Facility - Group D

2. Housing/Condos (2 groups) - Group C

3. Multi-purpose Office Building and School - Group E

4. Retail and Personal Service "mall" - Group B

5. "Attracktions" - Historical landmarks, "Center Area", Sustainable options, Transportation: bike path, pedestrian bridge, bus loop/rail track - Group A

6. Institutions (Multi-faith church and Cultural Center) - Group F

The Groups
* "Sk."- Means that this student has extensive experiene using Sketch up - and is the Group's "Student Expert"

A. Jadin Sk.
Anna Sk.

B. Ariel Sk.

C. Jake Sk.

D. Bobby Sk.

E. Emilio Sk.

F. Dominic Sk.

What are we doing NEXT???
***Next Class and HOMEWORK!!! Start planning for your project group. Get out your sketchbook and start sketching ideas for facilities or buildings!!! Think inside... outside...

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