Friday, October 28, 2011


Remember all assignments for ARCHITECTURE GOES TO SCHOOL ARE DUE MONDAY, OCTOBER 31st. This deadline is firm! There is no extention if you hope to get your projects in on the  Architecture Conference Presentation Board
Just like what architects experience in the work force your proposal must be assembled on Tuesday by the Visual Organizers so everything must be scanned, printed and ready for layout on Monday. This means your work must be finished MONDAY MORNING! Which includeds the written component (Walking Tour of 8 favourites and the Reflection on the Learning Process) If this does not sound familar, see the previous blog....

Here are some notes for the PROJECT WRITER - THIS IS FOR THE WRITER IF THIS IS YOUR PROJECT ROLE (if it's not... then ignore this!)

Project Writers... Remember you are composing the "Architectural Story" for your group. You must respond to the following in detail and incorporate all the design and research that your other group members found. Group members must give you a detailed account of their designs... reasons, sustainable elements etc.... Basically you fill in the details with words for the other group members!
Questions to Respond to...
1. Who uses the space or building?
2 What's it's function? How is it used?
3. Why did your group choose to create it? Remember... go back to the notes that were created in class for each project group...
4. How does it fulfill the needs of the people who are going to visit the community or use this building/space?
5. Why is special? What designs or functions of the building make it special?
6. What are the sustainable elements of the building or space?

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