Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Fully Alive Questions - need grade 8 text

Fully Alive – p. 31 “Living in Relationship” All questions due Friday.

Read p. 32-60

Questions for reading. Answer in complete sentences.

1. Explain how parents deal with concerns with their teens (p.39)

2. Name 2 different ways families handle conflicts? (p.41) Why are there different ways to deal with conflict?

3. Explain the 3 forms of abuse that are in the text. How are children impacted by it? (p. 43-45)

4. If you had a chance to make rules, as a parent would, what would you do? Explain 3 considerations you would make... and why. (p. 47-49)

5. What are 5 qualities you have to offer as a friend? Why are these qualities beneficial? (p. 51)

6. Define "moods" and "cliques". Why are these potential "issues" in friendship? (p. 53-55)

7. Read the Biblical passages on p. 60, Deuteronomy and Corinthians... How can you incorporate these passages into your life?

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