Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Social Test Outline

The test is based on the notes and handouts for the Location Unit given in class. All the notes were typed for the most part, so students can just refer to them. Students can also study assignments given in class. There is really no excuse for not being able to prepare, you were given everything you need...
For more review, you can even visit Brainpop... see the Good Websites page. The userid and passwords are there...

TEST DATE: Tuesday, December 21st.

Terms to know:



prime meridian

minutes and seconds

Time change, time zones (handout)

measuring distances using latitude/longitude (handout)




different map projections - advantages and disadvantages



study the handouts on  map projections, the 5 themes of geography (given last week) and the Earth's Grid System handout...
Questions we will focus on this week... You can start researching answers! This will also be on the test.

How does latitude impact climate? Start finding answers to the question. Where is it hottest? Where is it coldest? Why? Why is the equator so hot? You need to think about in relation to the sun?

What area of the world receives the same amount of daylight as darkness?

Why is it dark for 24 hours in the winter time in the arctic? Why is it the same during the summer months for the antarctic? When is there 24 hours of sunlight in the North? South?

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