Monday, November 22, 2010

Where's Waldo Presentation

This assignment is a location - coordinates assignment. You will be expected to do the following...


A. You have attached a GPS transmitter to your friend Waldo, and as he travels to 6 locations around the world, you are able to tell exactly where he is. Discover where your friend has gone by looking at the following coordinates in atlas or using an on-line resource.

He leaves 49 53’N 9710’W  and arrives in sunny 34 00’N 11815’W

After a short layover his plane takes off again. He waves as he crosses the International Date Line. He lands in 3355’S 15110’E for a few weeks of back packing.

At 8 0’N 72 51’E he feels really sweaty, so he buys some more cotton (of course in red and white strips) shirts for a few rupees.

After that he is off to see some “3-D very historic geometrical shapes with 3 triangular faces… do you get the ‘clue’ ) at 3000’N 31 15’E.

His last stop on the world tour ends in 52 22’N 04 54’E, and he spends a few weeks there travelling along the canals and biking before heading home.

B. Mark and label the above locations on a blank map. Add photos that relate to these destinations and of course a picture of Waldo!
Be sure to also include your destinations that you create (If you are working alone, create 4 more destinations; in partners, create 6 more; in groups of 3, create 8 more.) Be sure to create destinations on your map, riddles and pictures of landmarks.

C. Final Task: Imagine a rich aunt sends Waldo some money to visit a few more locations. Where would he go? Why would he go there? Create 4 more destinations for Waldo to visit using the format above.
If you are working alone, create 4 more destinations; in partners, create 6 more; in groups of 3, create 8 more.

Slide 1: map with all coordinates (my six that are above - see riddles - and either 4, 6 or 8 that you create). Label these coordinates on your map.
Slide 2: 6 photos of key landmarks for my destinations and either 4, 6, or 8 more for your destinations. Be sure to label these coordinates.
Slide 3: Your riddles for your coordinates
Slide 4: Your answer key. Include names of all the places I gave you, plus the answers to your  Coordinate riddles.
DUE: Tuesday. Note that this assignment has an extention to the due date. Marks will be deducted everyday it is late.

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